Have you been wanting to get into beekeeping?

But have been put off by all of the unknowns, the fear of killing bees, and even the length of time it takes to put up hives?  It doesn't have to be this hard!

Beekeeping Made Simple

Soon there will be a Kickstarter campaign to bring technology to beekeeping in the form an easy to use beehive, 24/7 sensors, analytics!

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Beekeeping Before Kickstarter

To the right you see the image of beekeeping today. This represents all of the unknowns that are hitting the beekeeping world every day. 

Beekeeping After Kickstarter 

The computer is getting smaller and smarter every year, and technology is making all of our lives easier. But, beekeeping is still just as complicated. This kickstarter will make it simple and uncomplicated!

The New Bee Hive

Before the kickstarter bee hives were made of cheap materials, were hard and time-consuming to set up, and were not connected. 

Fast Set-Up Within Minutes, Not Hours!

Whether it's the new flow hive, or any other bee hive, it can take hours to set it up, and it's still made of cheap materials!

Made of Strong Steel That Lasts

Steel is strong, lasts a long time, is easily shaped, and will look good sitting in your back yard, or wherever!

Powerful and Advanced Insulation

Normal hives have horrible insulation. This makes it hard for bees to survive. We will be using advanced insulation technology to ensure your bees have the best lives possible. Just one less thing for you to worry about!

24/7 Monitoring and Connection

You can see what's going on anytime, anywhere. Never worry about your hives again, or wonder what's going on because you'll already know. Additionally, even if you only own one hive you'll be contributing to the ecosystem as each hive is connected! 

Beautifully Designed

What People Are Saying About This

"Lowell went from zero to bee-ro in a way that I think will really generate a buzz around this huge unmet need."

-Elliot Roth, CEO of Spira Inc

“Cant wait to get my hands on one and set it up with my kids. Can’t think of a more fun and engaging way for them to learn about our ecosystem and contribute to something so important. Thanks for making this accessible to us commoners Lowell!”

-Sarujan Kanapathipillai, Director at CGI

"Lowell's modern adaptation of the beehive is a huge step toward solving issues throughout the beekeeping community and the world as a whole."

-Elliott Crabb, Lab Tech in Indianapolis

"Lowell is tenacious and will achieve everything he sets out to do. I’m excited to learn more about bee tech through Lowell and I recommend you get on board for the adventure!" 

-Tito Jankowski, Founder of Impossible Labs

"Bees pollinating flowers is a natural reminder of the importance of cross-pollination in the "human world". We need to mix and collaborate to survive. The nurturing of bees leads to more flourishing in nature - I'm glad to see this approach."

-Sam Johnson, CEO of Zenbooth

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